This is how we do it!

Why foggy?

Do you see foggy underwater?

Do you see blurry underwater? Professional divers have been visiting our opticians for years now. Today, sports divers, snorkelers, and underwater photographers are discovering the benefits and latest findings of water vision. We offer custom-made prescription diving masks, including your diopter and your eye data for optimal visibility. Our goal is for you to see underwater as clearly as with your glasses.

Our prescription lenses consist of the finest materials, handcrafted into a dive mask with your measurements. We can also do astigmatism lenses, if necessary. We pay special attention to pupillary distance since every person is different. We are especially proud of the precise production, which is crucial in products like this.

Feel free to contact us for any question or simply order your mask and begin a mindful journey in the underwater horizons.

Everybody deserves handmade, accurate, and quality prescription dive mask for a fair price!

Why choose us?

  • 20 years of optical experience.
  • More than 10 years of manufacturing and mounting dive mask prescription lenses.
  • We offer you the best custom underwater tool for your eyes.
  • We promise you a correct prescription with no compromises.
  • We stand for quality and accuracy.
  • Handmade products with EU standards.
  • Precise production and high quality.
  • The best quality control.

What type of prescription lenses do you need?

Single vision mineral lenses for far

Single vision mineral lenses for far - See unders

Single vision mineral lenses for near - Professional

Bifocal mineral lenses for far and near

Our finished products